Our Team

Brand Partners are a well-resourced, flexible, accountable, service centric team, with hands-on business owners / Partners that work in the business every day.

Through years of experience, knowledge of the seniors market and our long serving specialist team with a passion for the seniors industry, Brand Partners know what’s required to deliver a successful project.

We’re very serious about getting results – not just hype – and we have a successful track record in sales performance to prove it.

Our clients enjoy a strong direct relationship with industry professionals that are focused on a holistic and long term approach – essential to project sales success.

We offer a robust structure that delivers results, helps mitigate business risks, and is reassuring for developers, investors, banks and boards.

We bring our expertise and knowledge to every project no matter how big or small. We’re about utmost integrity and confidentiality for our clients and we work on building trust and reputation.

Perhaps more importantly, we’ve seen the enjoyment and enriched lives of thousands of seniors and the benefits realised by scores of operators once they tap into our extensive and flexible service offering.