Riding the crest of a seven-year working partnership, an important moment has arrived – it’s now just four weeks before one of our most significant retirement villages welcomes its very first residents, moving in, and beginning inspired apartment retirement community living at Kokoda Residences at Waitara.

Even with houselights dimming, curtains parting, and showtime starting, our role doesn’t stop, sitting off stage, invisibly prompting our stars: Our project-brand Kokoda Residences and our NFP developer-client, Vasey Communities.

In every grand story, there are noble, critical roles to be played. Being an integral character in successfully creating a 12-storey, 117-apartment retirement village from ground up, during a pandemic and lockdowns, has ‘best-seller’ written all over it.

Brand Partners, as always, is quite content to sit back, enjoy and stay enormously proud of Kokoda Residences’ brand, launch, events, marketing, and sales, and in 28 days – its opening welcome to dozens of hugely patient and excited new residents – to whom we say, enjoy ‘Your Time. Your Place.’

As at 1 August 2022.